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The Lime Calculator allows users to calculate a recommended liming rate (t/ha) based on the cropping (enterprise type), measured soil pH, soil type and liming material to be applied. The system uses ALA recommendations and was developed in partnership with The University of Hertfordshire; Agriculture and the Environment Research Unit (AERU). Tip: If you find this device useful, you can save it as a Favourite / Bookmark in your web browser or mobile device.

Step 1: Select Farming Enterprise

Step 2: Current Soil pH

Step 3: Soil Classification

The Liming Application Required
Calcium carbonate (ground limestone) required to achieve target pH in tonnes per hectare. Calcium carbonate in this calculator is based on a ground limestone with an NV of 54 and 40% passing through a 150 micron mesh, this is in accordance with the Fertiliser Regulations 1991.

AgLime Application
(Ground Limestone)


Step 4: Alternative Liming Material Options

The liming rate here is for ground limestone, if you are using a different liming material select it from the materials list to get a more specific lime application based on the estimated NV of your material.

Application Rate
(Using Selected Material)


Note: These are ALA recommendations.

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