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Press Articles & News Date issued
Farm North East - Opinion 9.20 - Mr Ewan Pate, Farmer and Freelance Agricultural Journalist October 2020
Unlock your soils potential with NI Lime 3 October 2020
Acidic soils could be affecting production on many Scottish farms 23 July 2019
Soils under 'unprecedented pressure' agronomist warns 13 July 2019
Unlock the potential of your soil 24 March 2017
Seed merchant calls for lime application subsidy - Mr Ewan Pate, The Northern Press and Journal 14 March 2016
Lime now brings better grass and crops later - Mr Anthony O’Connor, Teagasc Adviser, Galway/Clare Regional Unit 24 September 2015
ALA Conference - Wednesday 14 January 2015 - Hertfordshire 1 December 2014
New European Lime Standard Regulation 17 May 2013
Soil pH, Soil Acidity and Lime Use November 2013
Optimal soil pH Management August 2013
AIC Member Briefing 6 June 2013
Liming Materials Designated As EU Fertilisers 6 June 2013
MPA Highlights Benefits of Lime to UK Food Security 15 February 2013
NFU President to highilght importance of soil science to future food security 29 October 2012
Filed or Laboratory testing 18 October 2012
ALA Statement against integration of liming materials with soil improvers and amendments 21 September 2012
ALA 2012 Conference - Wednesday 21 November - Buxton 14 September 2012
Are you neutralising your bank balance?  
Farmers Weekly: How to Find the Right Liming Product 8 April 2011
Cumberland News: Time to Get Back into Lime 9 February 2010


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