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  Granular liming materials  

Granular Limes are formed from very finely ground and/or micronized particles of Calcium or Magnesium Carbonate with > 90% passing a 150-micron sieve. The powder is granulated by combining it with Calcium Lignosulphonate liquid (a natural organic binding material which is also a humic acid). The product is then pan granulated at a predetermined speed and angle to form granules of 2-5 mm. Once granulated it is then dried at 130C and put into 600kg bags. Granular Limes are easily transported and field applied using all types of fertiliser spreaders. Spreader settings and bout width will vary according to manufacturer, some spreading to 36m.

Key Characteristics

  • High Reactivity (>98%) due to very fine composition
  • High Purity Calcium & Magnesium Carbonate Content (>98%).
  • Neutralising Value of 54
  • Fast Acting
  • Lower Application rates
  • Accurately applied using all types of fertiliser spreaders
  • Can be applied in crop
  • Self-applied
  • Targeted application

The granules breakdown rapidly due to the binder being water soluble ensuring that the alkaline Calcium cation is readily taken up to displace excess hydrogen ions (H+) displacing acidity for more neutral soil conditions.

Using granular liming products allows both farmer and growers to make use of a more targeted approach accurately applying granulated lime on a little and often basis to maintain soil pH in the fields target range and also supplying the essential plant elements of Calcium and Magnesium which are then readily available to the crop.

Precision farming techniques including variable rate spreading and direct drilling which are ideally suited to using granule liming products when placement is key to their operation.

Granulated Limes high reactivity is key to its effectiveness, this ensures the soil pH adjustment is made rapidly thus helping make efficient use of all available nutrients in the soil and also from the applied fertilisers.

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