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The benefits to stock of limed pastures

The benefits to stock of limed pastures are due mainly to increased intake from the more palatable and nutritious grasses (e.g. perennial rye grass) and clovers which, being more lime sensitive, are encouraged to replace the more acid loving, low calcium content, meadow foxtail agrostis and other weed grasses.

Trials conducted by ADAS over the years show liming will increase the percentage of calcium within a plant and will also encourage and help to maintain a sward with the highest nutritional value.

Where the correct soil pH status is maintained the activity of micro-organisms on clover roots will fix atmospheric nitrogen to the benefit of them and associated grasses. When the pH is allowed to fall to a critical level the micro-organisms can die and may take many years to re-establish even if the lime status is corrected. Magnesian limestone is a helpful addition to the soils where their ADAS nutrient index is below one (25 mg/ 1 Mg) and they are being used to establish grasslands.


The benefits of lime applications to livestock are extremely important to the health of farm animals as well as the yield of grass and forage.

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